Holland Woods is a Positive Behavior Intervention Support School 

Ready- Respectful- Responsible 

We are working to continue to improve student behavior and students making positive choices at school and in their personal lives. Research shows that positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to not only change problematic, or unexpected behavior, but also to encourage and maintain expected behavior. Positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) establishes clear behavior expectations to support all students in achieving social, emotional, and academic success.  In addition to making behavior expectations clear to students, PBIS provides behavioral supports when needed, and fosters a positive environment where appropriate behavior is acknowledged and rewarded.

Behavior Matrix

The Staff of Holland Woods has developed a behavior matrix to define our different expectations throughout the school. 

Warrior Awareness 
The staff member and the student talk together, setting a goal for the student to have a positive day. As they go through the day, they will check in with each teacher to receive feedback. At the end of the day, they check out with a staff member who totals the points and discusses how the day went with the student.

Cafeteria Expectations
The cafeteria expectations are the following;
-Have ID and stand in line                         -Food stays in cafeteria
-Keep a clean area and dispose of trash        -Stay in seat and leave only with pass
-Leave belongings in an appropriate place    -Be aware of personal space
-Stay in line (no cutting)                            -Voice level 0-2 
-Use manners, treat food appropriately

Restroom Expectations
The restroom expectations are the following; 
-Ask permission or use procedure                  -Flush the toilet, wash your hands, and throw - Have/take pass                                           away your trash
-Return to class promptly                             -Go during passing time if possible
-Sign log property                                       -Report any problems to adult
-Leave electronics in class                           -Give others privacy 
-Keep your voice at level 0-2

Bus Expectations
The bus expectations are the following;
-Be to the bus stop on time                             -Voice level 0-2 or directed by bus driver
-Stay in your seat                                         -Follow bus rules                               
-Keep hands, feet, and materials to yourself        -Keep bus clean
-Be willing to share a seat                              -Report concerns of driver or adult

Classroom Expectations
The Classroom expectations are;
-Arrive on time                                          -Treat Classroom appropriately 
-Have materials for classroom                       -Follow class expectations/CHAMPS
-Be prepared to learn                                  -Respect others and their belongings
-Use cellphones when instructed                    -Be engaged and actively participate  
for academics                                            -Complete work in a manner of time  
-Treat all Staff respectful 

Hallway Expectations
The Hallway expectations are;
-Have materials needed for next class              -Observe passing time 
-Keep your voice at a conversation level           -Keep to the right 
-Keep hands and feet to yourself                    -Keep the hallways clean 
-Go directly to your destination                      -Report any bullying or other problems to an                                                               adult immediately 

Locker Expectations 
The Locker expectations are;
-Have materials you need for next class         -Be respectful to everything in locker 
-Keep your voice at a conversation level        -Open and close your locker properly 
-Keep lockers clean and well organized          -Go to lockers at permitted times only 
-Stay in your assigned locker 

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