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Useful Scholastic Links 

Teacher websites:
Scholastic SAM and the Teacher Dashboard
Teacher Interactive Teaching System (ITS)

Student website:
READ 180, System 44, Fraction Nation, Do The Math, and Fast Math

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Important School Policies and Information for Parents

Identification required when picking up your student - For student protection, we require all individuals show photo identification when picking up a student during school hours. The office staff will ask for identification before releasing a student into your care. We thank you in advance for your help in protecting our students. A quick reminder that Holland Woods Middle School can't release students to someone who isn't listed on their emergency card. Please try to include as many emergency names and phone numbers as possible.

Student Medication Policy - Students who require medication to be administered by Holland Woods Middle School office must have a School Request to Administer Medications Form signed by the doctor and on file in the office. Any student who must take cough drops during school must have a note signed by a parent/guardian.
Students who take medications are responsible to come to the office to receive their medications. All medications must be picked up by the last day of the school year.

School Breakfast and Lunch - This year Holland Woods Middle School will provide FREE breakfast and lunch to all students. This is made possible by a grant from the federal government, regardless on family income. Although all students here at Holland Woods are entitled to free lunch and breakfast, when bringing a cold lunch, students will need to pay for milk.
Milk is 40 cents for students
Milk is 50 cents for adults

Bus Deviations - Students who require a bus deviation, for emergency purposes only, should have the request in writing from a parent, prior to the day they need the bus deviation. Bus deviations should be brought to the main office, at the start of the school day to Mrs. Ritchie at ext. 2315.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) a Federal law, requires that the Port Huron Schools, affords students and their parents certain rights with respect to their educational records, including the
District’s directory information. This includes:
*name, address and telephone number
*date and place of birth
*program of study
*school activities
*dates of school attendance
*honors and awards
*other information such as honor roll, yearbook, etc.
The District has a responsibility to disclose such information upon appropriate request. However, parents can ask that directory information on their son(s) and /or daughter (s) be withheld from public release. To do so, a letter must be signed and returned to the building principal asking that such directory information not be given out. When students reach 18 years of age, the law transfers this right to them.