PBIS at Holland Woods

What Does PBIS Stand For?

It is Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.

What Is PBIS?

PBIS is a proactive and interactive approach to establish a culture in our school that supports social, emotional, and academic success. It uses data-based decision making to align curriculum and behavioral supports for students and staff. It is aimed at supporting safe and effective school environments while preventing behavior problems with students.

How Does It Work?

PBIS is a three-tiered systems approach for establishing a positive learning culture and individualized behavior supports needed for schools to be effective learning environments for all students. The behavior expectations are taught, modeled, acknowledged, monitored and then retaught as needed. The goal is to provide practice and reinforcement at the universal level for ALL students so that fewer students need interventions at the Tier 2 level, where a more individualized plan with intensive, individual interventions is used. A continuous analysis of data, systems, and outcomes guides all the decision making.

What Are The Benefits?

Data shows that schools implementing PBIS with fidelity see an increase in attendance, a more positive and calm environment, reduced behavioral disruptions, increased academic time and student achievement. In other words, students who are taught school expectations and who are rewarded for following them, do better in school!

Warrior Pride Reward Cards

What are they?

Every day at Holland Woods, students can earn Warrior Pride Rewards Cards. These cards are earned when staff members catch students being respectful, responsible, and ready. This is a school-wide initiative to reinforce these positive behaviors and to increase the ratio of positive interactions versus negative ones. (3:1)

Who Hands them out?

Any staff member can hand out Warrior Pride Reward Cards to students.

Where are they handed out?
Handing out cards can occur in all areas of the school: class- room, hallways, cafeteria, etc.

How are they handed out?

Students should hear a concise explanation that refers to one of the 3 PBIS goals from the matrix (respectful, responsible, and/or ready) when given a Warrior Pride Reward Card.

Why should they turn them in?

Each day, one student’s card will be drawn from each grade’s box by Mr. Cassady. These 3 students will be called down to the main office to pick up a prize of their choice. Each Friday, the remaining cards from each grade will be combined and 1 student’s card will be drawn by Mr. Cassady. This student will also be called down to the main office to pick up a prize.