Holland Woods Middle School High Flyers

March 2015

February 2015

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In our Oobleck lab Mrs. Cook gave us a pink paper. On the paper it had the instructions on how to create Oobleck. There were instructions on which substances to mix in order to properly make the Oobleck. We got with our groups and followed the instructions to create Oobleck. We each took turns with the materials and used them very carefully. Overall this lab was very fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it! Even though you are having fun you are also learning many things like how to be safe when mixing substances, which substances mix and how to properly use materials! I really hope to do more labs like this one.
Jenna Lynn Schalm 7th grade

When we did our Oobleck lab I learned a lot about how chemical reactions and physical reactions work while having fun with it. First we took a bag and opened it. The directions said to pour some water on it. Then we had to pour some Borax into the bag. Also, we got to pick our own color to put in it. Then we closed the bag and smashed all of the stuff together. Then it started feeling squishy. After we got to play with it we did questions about all the chemicals we used and how physical and chemical changes work.
Trenten Anglebrandt 7th grade

January 2015

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Students in Mrs. Mountz's class work towards earning a paycheck every week based on their behavior. At the end of the month they can pay for a reward activity if they have enough money in their bank account!

STEM Night

By Jamie Elliot, 6th Grade

I was not able to be at all of Science Technology, Engineering and Math night, but I still learned a lot. For instance, I know that a chemical engineer has a good job. He works with chemicals (obviously!). Our presenter, Dr. Kistler’s job is to make better gas. As a chemical engineer, he gets paid a lot of money!

Mr. Joe Doenges taught us about mechanical engineering. He taught us about car making. A car takes a year or two to make. The parts are made by a bunch of different people. Mr. Doenges makes the mirrors, and my mom makes the plastic inside. Soon another company takes all the parts and puts them together and they make a car. I think it’s pretty complicated.

That is what I learned at Science Technology Engineering and Math night. I am glad Mrs. Haynes organized it.